Education & Training

What is the aim of our education sessions?

Information and education sessions are designed primarily to help service providers and professionals give clients with Huntington’s disease the best care possible. Due to the rare nature of HD, many service providers have little or no experience caring for or assisting individuals with HD and require specialised training to help them adapt their service for this complex condition. By engaging with these sessions, service providers are given a thorough overview of Huntington’s disease in a practical and educational way and have the opportunity to seek further knowledge from our experienced staff about best practice and what to expect as the disease progresses.

Who can attend these sessions?

Sessions are available upon request to any service provider community group in Australia. Depending upon location, this maybe online.  Sessions are open to all who wish to attend, but the focus of the sessions are on care and management best practice for service providers and are not necessarily relevant to individuals and carers outside of a professional setting.

How do I book a session?

Submit an online enquiry, email or call our programs team on 1800 244 735 to enquire about an education session for you or your team.